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2012, 5 min 24 sec, with audio
Made in collaboration with Alanna Simone.

ANFORTAS is a stop-motion animation of everyday items used to convey larger, metaphysical ideas. Weaving choreographies of red and white objects are overlaid with a story which intertwines Pawnee and Oglala creation myths with the travails of Perceval, Knight of the Round Table.

Designed as a three-wall installation and shown theatrically in three cells, three distinctive dances unfold simultaneously. The film idea began with blood, red and white, and ends in the Grail, the transformative vessel. Replete with alchemical and mystical symbolism, this fanciful film is a meditation on cancer and insurgency, the body and soul, achievement and communion. Ultimately, it is a film about the very nature of Life.

all images Carolyn Radlo & Alanna Simone
C + A Projects