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and this forest will be a desert
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A stop-motion animation concerning the current state of the world: it's all about plastic, panic, and paradise.

A translucent landscape, a sparkling pile of trash, is inhabited by a wry polar bear. Rapid text appears over the images - condensed versions of three different mythologies, three different fires: the battles of Ragnaršk, the Nordic end of the world; an account of a recent forest fire caused by changing weather patterns; and Muhammad's ascent to the highest fiery heaven.
Each layer reiterates the background source of our worried fantasies and fears of destruction despite the beauty to be found right here, right now.

Made in collaboration with Alanna Simone.
and the music of Nordic roots band Wardruna.

2 minutes 33 seconds

all images © Carolyn Radlo & Alanna Simone
C + A Projects