All shining with life as the leaf, as the wing shines,
the stone deep in the mountain, the drop in the green wave.
Lit by their energies, secretly all things shine.
--Muriel Rukeyser

Of the countless arrangements that give diffraction, the simplest is surely light passing by an opaque edge. At an unrelenting boundary, free white light abruptly meets and succumbs to darkness. The offspring of this meeting are subtle but unmistakable. Where before one noted only light and dark, variegated, parallel bands of color rhythmically intrude into each region.
--Arthur Zajonc

When you go up on T'ai Shan, you can see the Immortals; they feed on the light of jade and drink at the jade fountain. They mount dragons and white clouds.

Heaven would crack if it were always clear.
--Lao Tzu

The way of Heaven and Earth is without any doubleness, and so they produce things in a manner that is unfathomable.
--Mo Dsi

Pictures, if they are to have effect, must have the tremendous intensity of silence, a filled silence or void.
--Luc Tuymans

Aldo Leopold uses the phrase, "Think like a mountain." I didn't hear that until later, but mountain watching is like mountain being, or mountain sitting. How do you watch a mountain? Nothing's going to happen in any time frame that you can consider -- except the light changes on it. And so that was my mountain watching. The light changing on the mountain was like the changing thoughts in my mind, just these little shifting shadows, that's all that it is.
--Gary Snyder